ÔĽŅ Welcome - Lutube ”∆Ķ Guildford

Lutube ”∆Ķ



A very warm welcome to Christ’s College, a proud provider of Christian education in Guildford that serves a large urban and rural community. We believe a great values driven education has the power to transform futures. Every student who joins us will receive the very best education and will be prepared to take their place in the world with confidence, purpose, enthusiasm and strength of character.

Our shared Christian values of Love, Co-operation, Stewardship, Respect and Service permeate all the work undertaken in college. Students are encouraged to recognise the importance of education in their own fulfilment as individuals.

A young person’s happiness and well-being are recognised as foundations to their success. The level of pastoral care we provide at Christ’s College is second to none. As a faith college we nurture every student in developing resilience and self-worth, supporting them through any setbacks and celebrating their successes.

We strive for the very best for every student, whatever their academic ability or personal circumstance and have created a learning environment to deliver a curriculum that provides the essential intellectual capital for the young people in our care.

To achieve all of the above we have a talented and hardworking staff, together with a dedicated and experienced Governing Body, who put in challenge at every opportunity.

Students, staff and governors are very proud of our college and we look forward to working with you in partnership as we set out on the journey together as part of the Christ’s College family.


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